Tazayud Launches Hayat Villa’s “Al-Qairawan” Luxury Homes

Tazayud Real Estate Development Company unveiled its latest residential domain, “Al-Qairawan”, under Hayat Villa, the luxury brand through which it seeks to create modern residential environments with a unique lifestyle and design in the most attractive locations. The Hayat Villa “Al-Qairawan” is distinguished by its strategic location in Al-Qairawan district, in the middle of the three vital cities of Al-Khobar, Dammam, and Dhahran in the Eastern Province, in addition to its proximity to the most prominent landmarks of Gulf Palace, Dhahran Mall, and Ithra.

“Al-Qairawan” offers its residents luxurious experiences in an upscale neighborhood with full services, where residents can enjoy the highest standards of comfort, including modern designs and open spaces, as well as comprehensive guarantees and after-sales services.


As a member of Ali Aldowayan Holding Group, Tazayud Real Estate Development reflects the group’s solid legacy and long-standing experience spanning five decades, which enabled us to establish our leading position among the most innovative companies in developing major urban destinations around the Kingdom. Tazayud ventures to create appealing residential, commercial, and tourism domains that people appreciate as part of their identity, enabling them to enjoy their lives and realize their potential while fostering interpersonal and community ties. Our interest in families and creating a sustainable life for them has inspired us to redefine urban landmarks and create high-quality residential and commercial destinations that prioritize sustainability and integration characterized by firm values, vibrant environments, and solid structures.

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