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We draw the next destination with
a modern attractive design and creative details.

Tales and Memories

About the tales that end with great happiness, and the unforgettable memories with the beauty of the moment and the joy of company.

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From the heart of the new Al-Khobar city, in the Al-Aziziya neighborhood, and close to King Fahd Causeway, Hayat Walk comes to life to draw an all-new destination for shopping, entertainment, and relaxation in a modern style and an elegant architectural design. It also offers a new experience to the residents and visitors of the area where the tales bestow pleasure upon the soul, and the memories beckon the hearts to pulsate.

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An exceptional rental blend
Top brands and brilliant projects
Hayat Walk…an amazing investment extending into the future.

With its sophisticated modern design and thoughtful ideas, combining the shopping and entertainment experience.

With an inspired vision that blended nature’s elements: The green spaces, the sea, and the vastness of the sky.

An embodiment of the best modern entertainment venues,

Hayat Walk earned an international award for the best entertainment project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The award was given by: Arabian Property Award.

Hayat Walk… A brilliant investment for the future

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Building Life ..

..نبنـي حيــاة

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